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Since 2014, we have been monitoring the market with our partners to find emerging FinTechs.

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What/Who is the map for?

The Swiss FinTech Map helps accelerate the development of Swiss and international financial markets by connecting market participants such as banks, FinTechs, investment managers, and consultancies and helping them learn about each other.

Where does the data come from?

First and foremost, the data comes from you! We constantly receive new applications from FinTechs or leads from our network, which we evaluate and, if they meet our criteria, add to the map.

In addition, our colleagues at the HSLU annually evaluate the activities of Swiss FinTechs and sort out inactive companies or companies that have developed in a different direction.

Please note that not all companies listed have provided information themselves, which is why certain variables (e.g. female founders) might be incomplete or not perfectly accurate in some cases.

If this applies to your company, please send your adjustment requests to input.e-foresight@swisscom.com.

Business and technology. Organized.

All 370+ FinTechs are divided into four business areas and assigned to three technology clusters, to further specify the area of activity.

Covered Business Areas
Icon investment

Investment Management

Icon deposit

Deposit & Lending

Icon payment


Icon banking

Banking Infrastructure

Covered Technology Clusters
Icon distributed

Distributed Ledger Technology

Icon analytics

Analytics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence

Icon process

Process Digitisation, Auto­matisation, Robotics

Who is behind the map?


e.foresight (powered by Swisscom) created the first Swiss FinTech Map in 2014. Ever since, the map is published on a regular basis and became a valued tool for various market participants. Today, the map is a collaborative effort by e.foresight, Swisscom, IFZ and Clara.

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About e.foresight

We are an independent think tank and trend scout within Swisscom.

Although we have been around since 2013, we have never stopped looking into new trends and developments to make the latest innovations more understandable and strategically assessable for our clients: approximately 30 banks and financial service providers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

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