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Explore the Swiss FinTech startup ecosystem.

Stay updated on the Swiss FinTech startup scene, with new companies added monthly to our database.

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All the startups in one place. Live.

Our database includes all the FinTech startups based in Switzerland. We only include companies that were established less than ten years ago and focus on business model innovations and new technologies in the financial sector. We are always hunting for new startups and try to never miss one, but if you know of someone who's missing, let us know!

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Digital Interactive Map

Interact with the Swiss FinTech startup market.

Thanks to our data visualisation, you will be able to explore the Swiss FinTech startup market in a totally new way. Forget static Excel lists and jump into our interactive map.

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Live Filtering

Focus on what's relevant and hide the rest.

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Access secondary data not available on the printed map.

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Freely move the map’s pieces and design your own.

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Static Map

No time? No problem.

No time to play around? You can get straight to business with our downloadable Swiss FinTech Startup map. Everything you need to know is on here, updated monthly with new startups.

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Static map
Study Based Categorization

Business & technology. Organized.

The startups are divided into four business areas, based on a study done by the IFZ. Each company is then assigned a technology cluster, to further specify its area of activity.

Business Areas
Icon investment

Investment Management

Icon deposit

Deposit & Lending

Icon payment


Icon banking

Banking Infrastructure

Technology Clusters
Icon distributed

Distributed Ledger Technology

Icon analytics

Analytics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence

Icon process

Process Digitisation, Automatisation, Robotics

Corporate + Startup + University

Meet the team behind the project!

Swisscom created the first Swiss FinTech Startup Map in 2014. Ever since, the map is published on a monthly basis and became a valued tool. Today, the map is a collaborative output of Swisscom, e.foresight, IFZ and Fintechdb. While the content is created together with IFZ, Fintechdb (introduced by the Kickstart program) redesigned the map and digitised the data.

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