Frequently asked questions.

FinTech? FinTech!

We define FinTech as technology-based solutions for innovative products, services, and processes in the financial industry, improving, complementing, and/or disrupting existing offerings. Hence, FinTech companies are firms whose main activities, core competencies, and/or strategic focus lie in developing those solutions.

Who is the Swiss FinTech Map for?

The Swiss FinTech Map is a valuable tool for various market participants such as banks, investment managers, consultancies, etc. to find the right partner that helps them accelerate their business with financial technology. In addition, the map serves to promote the FinTech ecosystem and accelerate the development of the future of Swiss and international financial markets.

How regularly are new FinTechs added to the map?

The Swiss FinTech Map is updated on a regular base with new emerging FinTech companies added and vanishing ones removed.

This is how we keep the map up to date. You still think a FinTech is missing on the map?

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